Reporting from @AlexaCorse as part of the #AZAuditPool 5PM PT, 6/2/2021

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Reporting from @AlexaCorse as part of the #AZAuditPool 5PM PT, 6/2/2021

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Reporting from @AlexaCorse as part of the #AZAuditPool
5PM PT, 6/2/2021
I just interviewed Pennsylvania state Sen. Cris Dush, a Republican who is one of the PA lawmakers who toured the audit today, for about 11 minutes. I'm going to tweet updates from the interview, as part of the #AZAuditPool.

I asked why did Dush want 2 see the audit? He said, “47% of the people in this country don't have faith in the electoral… electoral integrity right now. And my constituents are very much up in arms with the lack of any movement on trying to find out what happened.”

I asked Sen Dush, “Would you like to see an audit like this happen in Pennsylvania of the 2020 presidential election?”

He said, “Without question. Absolutely.”

Sen. Dush said that he is working with state Sen. Doug Mastriano and Rep. Rob Kauffman. He said that they want to report back to leadership in the Pennsylvania legislature, saying that this audit is a very transparent process.

I asked Sen. Dush: “Do you think an audit should be able to overturn the results that were certified of the 2020 election?” (full answer in next tweet)

Sen. Dush said, “That would be something that the courts would have to decide." He also said, "If I had been the Secretary of State, I mean, there's no way I would have certified what came in.”

Later in the interview, Sen. Dush said, “The election shouldn't have been certified based on what the … strictly based on what the Supreme Court and the Secretary of State did in changing the electoral process.” I asked, “What are those changes?”

Sen. Dush said that one change he took issue with is that the PA Supreme Court extended the deadline for the state to accept mail ballots mailed by Election Day.

(My colleagues & I have written about that before multiple times ... 1603920921 )

Sen. Dush also criticized Pennsylvania's Secretary of State at the time. He said, “The Secretary of State basically allowed ballot harvesting, sent people going out and collecting ballots at remote locations, which our state law specifically prohibits.”

On that last point, I'm actually not sure what specifically the senator is talking about? Pennsylvania followers, do you know what this is referring to? (I will ping the senator's team to ask for clarification.)

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WSJ ( ... 1603920921)
Supreme Court Declines to Disturb Ballot Deadlines in North Carolina, Pennsylvania
The high court refused to expedite a Republican challenge to a Pennsylvania court order allowing three extra days for accepting absentee
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