The Mysterious Food Processing Plant Fires & Livestock Deaths Conspiracy

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The Mysterious Food Processing Plant Fires & Livestock Deaths Conspiracy

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The Mysterious Food Processing Plant Fires & Livestock Deaths Conspiracy

Is there really a grand scheme being conducted by our societal overlords to cripple food supplies?

Jordan Sather
Jun 16

What did you say? The Deep State is intentionally destroying food processing facilities around the country to engineer a food shortage? Get your head out of the conspiracy theory hole, you crazy person. They wouldn’t dare create supply chain disruptions in order to destroy small farms so China, Bill Gates, and BlackRock can come in, buy them all, and centralize power and control…

W… w… would they?

You bet your ass they would, Normie John! I mean, if this cult Cabal would engineer world wars, planet wide scamdemics, economic disasters and whatever the heck else their psychopathic brains find fun - why wouldn’t they burn down a few food plants?!

That may very well be what they’re doing. The New World Order’s goal is for full spectrum dominance of society, after all. Let’s get our tin foil hats on and take a look:

Lots of Plants Up In Flames

This list below has been going viral over the last few days. Some internet sleuth took the time (gotta love those anons) to put together a list of all the mysterious events having to do with food plants and livestock since the beginning of Joe Brandon’s treason-filled Administration in January 2021. 97 different examples of fires, chickens and turkeys getting destroyed, more fires, and more livestock being destroyed.
Don’t worry, friends, “” is here to save the day! This “fact” checking organization, and many others such as Reuters, Associated Press, Politifact and the best of all, SNOPES, released articles within the last two months to make damn sure you do not believe for one second that the frequency and causes of food plant fires are unnatural. These are UnFoUnDeD rUmOrS and are not anything out of the ordinary!

You have to love how when the legacy, mass-mind-controlling media needs to get a narrative out there, they’ll activate all of their media organizations to run the same version of a headline on the same day. These fact check articles all appeared the week of April 26th to May 4th. Echo chamber effect in action.
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One quick question, can anyone remember another year where we had a major food processing plant fire nearly every single week over the span of a year and a half? I’m genuinely curious if anyone can answer this with a yes and some evidence to back that yes up.

At least we have some honest media outlets, alternative and independent of course, willing to write articles about this issue despite the chance of being labeled “crazy conspiracy theorist domestic terrorist extremists”. The Gateway Pundit is one example.

Heck, even packaging industry websites are questioning why there’s such an uptick of fires at processing plants. They don’t want to dip their toes too far into the conspiracy pool so they’re blaming the reason on “safety protocols”, but the uptick definitely seems to be out of the ordinary and is making even Normie America wonder what’s up.
Livestock Troubles, Too

Another issue we’re dealing with is the loss of livestock.

The above list details many instances over the past year and a half where large losses of chicken, turkey, and other farm animals occurred. There may be legitimate explanations for some of these cases, but is there one for every case? If we have even just a couple instances of mass livestock loss done to a farmer by outside forces, that adds a layer to the conspiracy web that deserves questioning and investigation.

Another social media post going viral this week involves a video of thousands of cows dead in Kansas. “Official sources” state that these cows died due to a heat wave. Now I’m no farming expert, but it was in the mid 90’s yesterday in Kansas (about 35°C for my non-’Murican friends). Is that warm enough to kill cattle and make them all keel over like this? Did we have this happen anywhere else in that state or in the country? It’s pretty hot in a lot of places right now, but is it that hot? Did this happen any other year when it was these temps? I’ve got a lot of questions.

Are these livestock losses due to some reasonable explanation like dehydration, or has there been some meddling by sinister forces with not only food processing plants, but livestock herds around the country?
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Y Tho?

The main question here, are our psychopathic elites trying to exacerbate food shortages by setting fires to food plants and annihilating livestock?

If so, what would be the reason? (Keywords: “If so”, we must always be mindful of keeping separate educated speculation vs. raw facts)

So, if so, the overarching reason the New World Order clowns do anything is to centralize power and control, and when they execute their plans they usually have a few different agendas that they knock out at once. How does that phrase go, kill two birds with one stone? Or two chickens with one processing plant fire?

What agendas may [They] have for undermining food plants and livestock farms?

If small farms lost their livestock then couldn’t pay their bills and had to sell their farms, who may come in and buy it up for cheap? Could it be people like Bill Gates, who we know is trying to acquire farmland around the U.S. to do who-knows-what with?

We’ve already got enough genetically engineered trash in our food. We don’t need this little pedo-nerd messing with our biosphere anymore than he already has.
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It may not just be Billy Gates looked to acquire land dirt cheap, but BlackRock Investment company as well. Funny how almost the same day those fact checkers were trying to debunk the food processing plant fires being a conspiracy (May 4th), they also ran fact checks about Bill Gates “not being the biggest farm land owner” and BlackRock “not owning the most houses in America”. Yet, the mainstream media admitted that Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of U.S. farmland? Why is the mainstream media contradicting themselves so obviously here? And why do they feel the need to include BlackRock in this same article, too? It’s no secret BlackRock has been trying to buy houses and land.
And speaking of BlackRock, they’ve recently expanded their investments in real estate companies that specialize in acquiring farmland. Not only BlackRock, but also Vanguard. Two of the largest investment holding companies in the country, and these seem like fairly significant investment expansions. Suspect timing with these moves.
Along with land acquisition, if these food plants fires and livestock losses really do have something deeper connected to them, I could see it also being done just to increase the overall pressure on the American people and cause more chaos. We’re already dealing with gas prices higher than ever, supply chain issues of varying industries, economic destruction - why not add a few food problems into the mix? Drive the price of food higher, Americans can afford less and less with the price of everything going up, the Illuminati loves to make our lives hell! The mind of the psychopath. Familiarize yourself with it. They love seeing themselves succeed while others suffer.

Get Prepared, Keep Fighting

All in all my friends, whether there’s actually some Deep State skullduggery going on with these food plant fires or not, this next year or two is going to be a doozy. Be careful with any investments you have, stock up on essential goods, keep your loved ones safe and close, get active in your communities and keep doing your best to awaken every single person you meet. And if you own a food plant or are a farmer, might not be a bad idea to invest in a few security cameras around your property.

The elites of our world are cornered animals, and cornered animals lash out when they feel threatened. That’s exactly what I think is happening right now. Things may LOOK scary in our society, it may SEEM like humanity has lost and the Elites are in full control, but I think this is the appearance they are letting on through their controlled mainstream and alternative media sources because they don’t want you to believe that THEY are the ones on the ropes. The bad guys know they are losing so they are doing their best to lower your morale so you give up and don’t finish the fight.

No, we will keep applying the pressure and we will finish this fight.

Humanity will win, it’s written in the stars.

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