To supplement Bioclandestine’s post: Part 1 and 2

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To supplement Bioclandestine’s post: Part 1 and 2

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From The Colonel’s Corner

To supplement Bioclandestine’s post: Part 1 and 2

The company Battelle is mentioned specifically by Russia. “The private company performs work for the Pentagon’s DTRA bio laboratories in Afghanistan, Armenia, Georgia, Uganda, Tanzania, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam ( ... tics-rdt-e). Battelle conducts research, development, testing, and evaluation using ( ... tics-rdt-e) both highly toxic chemicals and highly pathogenic biological agents for a wide range of US government agencies ( It has been awarded some $2 billion federal contracts in total and ranks 23 on the Top 100 US government contractors list.

The CIA-Battelle Project Clear Vision

Project Clear Vision ( ... imits.html) (1997 and 2000), a joint investigation by the CIA and the Battelle Memorial Institute, under a contract awarded by the Agency, reconstructed and tested a Soviet-era anthrax bomblet in order to test its dissemination characteristics.

The project’s stated goal was to assess bio-agents dissemination characteristics of bomblets.

The clandestine CIA-Battelle operation was omitted from the US Biological Weapons Convention declarations submitted to the UN.”…”Top Secret Experiments

Battelle has operated a Top Secret Bio laboratory (National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center – NBACC) at Fort Detrick, Maryland under a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract for the last decade. The company has been awarded a $344.4 million federal contract (2006 – 2016 ( ... dc07c00020)) and another $17.3 million contract (2015 -2026) by ( ... dc15c00064) DHS. Amongst the secret experiments, performed by Battelle at NBACC, are: Assessment of powder dissemination technology ( ... dc16j00161); Assessment of hazard posed by aerosolized toxins ( ... dc17j00483) and Assessment of virulence of B. Pseudomallei (Meliodosis) as ( ... dc16j00164) a function of aerosol particle in non-human primates. Melioidosis has the potential to be developed as a biological weapon, hence, it is classed as a category B. Bioterrorism Agent ( ... Agents.pdf). B. Pseudomallei was studied by the US as a potential bioweapon in the past.”

Notice the mention of aerological delivery which is specifically mention by Russia. ... n-the-labs

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