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As we transition over to TruthSocial we wanted to help communicate our accts/handles on the new platform.

Interconnectedness, especially at this moment in time, couldn't be more important. TS presents a unique opportunity where EVERYONE is starting from scratch.

And for those who choose tor remain here on Telegram, and/or use both, please note that we will maintain this account and our chat here as well. We only aim to continue to improve on our individual & collective ability to help communicate the truth the best we can across multiple platforms.

NOTE: We have a few accounts yet to add as the process is just that - but it's a good start for now. Pleases keep a copy if you can't yet access your account.

On behalf of our team I'd like to thank all of you for the support you've extended us to date. We look forward to this new & exciting chapter in the struggle to repair/renew our great Republic.
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