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Israeli Journalist: Sheldon Adelson Was A Jew ‘Straight Out Of The Protocols Of Zion’
December 15, 2021 By CFT Team
( In 2014, the late Israeli journalist, Uri Avnery, wrote an article entitled “The Monster On The Hill” describing how the late multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson routinely corrupted U.S. elections by literally purchasing presidential candidates who were willing to become “stooges” for Israel:

…With such exciting news to deal with, who can spare the time and energy to think about the crisis in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, which never really started at all? The public knows well enough that these negotiations are a farce set in motion by an American administration which does not have the guts to stand up to the hirelings of the Israeli government in Congress and impose anything on Binyamin Netanyahu.

Indeed, if anyone had any illusions about American politics, they were dispelled this week. The casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, organized a public display of his power. He summoned to his Las Vegas betting paradise the four most probable Republican candidates for the next presidential elections, in order to choose one of them. All the invitees heeded the summons, of course.

It was a shameless exhibition. The politicians groveled before the casino lord. Mighty governors of important states did their best to sell themselves like applicants at a job interview. Each of them tried to trump the others in promising to do the Mogul’s bidding. Flanked by Israeli bodyguards, Adelson grilled the American hopefuls. And what was he demanding from the future president of the United States? First of all and above everything else, blind and unconditional obedience to the government of another state: Israel.

Adelson is one of the richest Jews in the world. He is also a fanatical rightist – not only an American rightist, but also an Israeli one. While he is now looking for the best American president money can buy, he has already chosen his Israeli stooge. He has done something unprecedented in Israeli history: created an instrument to impose his ultra-right views on the Israeli people.

For this purpose he has invested large sums of money in a daily newspaper of his creation. It is called “Israel Hayom” (Israel today), and is literally priceless: it is distributed for nothing all over the country. Its readership is now the largest in the country, threatening the existence of the former No. 1, “Yedioth Ahronoth” and killing the next one, “Maariv”. The sole purpose of Adelson’s paper is to serve Binyamin Netanyahu, personally and politically, unconditionally and unreservedly. This is such a blatant intervention in Israeli politics by a foreign billionaire that it is causing a reaction: all Knesset factions, both rightist and leftist (except the Likud, of course) have signed a demand to put an end to this corruption of democracy.

Curiously enough, the Zionist movement was founded in a casino. That was the name of the hall in Basel, Switzerland, where the First Zionist Congress took place in 1897. But it had nothing to do with betting. The Stadtkasino was just a centrally-located hall. Since then, casinos had become betting places, connected in the public mind with the Mafia. Nowadays they seem to be kosher in the US, though strictly forbidden in Israel. Las Vegas has now become the capital of American politics. Everything Adelson does is done openly, proudly, shamelessly. I wonder how ordinary Americans react to this spectacle of one billionaire – especially a Jewish one – choosing their next president for them.

We are told that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and and across the globe. In the crazy mental world of the anti-Semites, Jews control the cosmos. And here we have a Jew, straight out of the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, trying to appoint the ruler of the mightiest country on the planet.

Adelson has failed in the past. Last time, he spent huge sums of money on one hopeless candidate, and then on the winning Republican nominee, who was soundly trounced by Barack Obama, a liberal, black abomination. But nobody can be sure that this will happen again. For Adelson, the slogan could well be: “If money does not work, try more money!” The basic problem is that the American political process is totally corrupt. There is no other way to put it.

In order to become the nominee of one major party, and then to be elected president, one needs enormous sums of money. Since the major battlefield is TV, and candidates have to pay for it, these sums get bigger and bigger. It is nice to think that ordinary citizens can raise these sums with their modest donations, but that is an illusion. Donations of these dimensions can only come from the rich, especially from the very, very rich. (Americans don’t like this revealing word anymore and speak of “the wealthy”. But that is sheer whitewashing.)

The very rich were once called millionaires, then multi-millionaires, and now billionaires. Adelson is a multi-billionaire. A billionaire does not donate a fortune for a presidential candidate for nothing. That’s not how he became a billionaire in the first place. Once he gets his man elected, he demands his pound of flesh, many pounds.

I am told that Adelson wants internet betting to be prohibited, so that ordinary, honest-to-goodness casinos can flourish. But I have no doubt that his right-wing Zionist passions come first. If he succeeds in installing his favorite in the White House, the US will become totally subservient to the extreme right-wing in Israel. He might as well put Netanyahu in the Oval Office. (Now there’s an idea! It just needs a small amendment to the constitution. How much can that cost?)

That would have been OK with me, if Adelson really understood anything about the Israeli-Arab conflict. With the typical arrogance of the very rich, he thinks that he does. Yet it seems that he has not the slightest idea about the roots of the conflict, its history and the acute dangers lurking in our future. If Adelson could dictate our future, it would spell disaster for our country.

Our own political system is not quite as corrupt as the American one, but it is bad enough….There is no way to roll back the corruption of the political process in the US – or here – without completely changing the electoral system. As long as huge sums are needed to get elected, corruption will reign supreme. Until such a reform takes place, the Adelsons and the Olmerts will corrupt democracy. And the Monster on the Hill in Jerusalem will stand as a warning.

Of course, because Uri Avnery enjoyed Jewish Privilege™ — and wrote for an almost exclusive Jewish audience — he was allowed to freely use all these “dangerous” anti-Semitic “canards” about the ultra-rich and powerful king-maker, Sheldon Adelson.

But calling Adelson a “Jew straight out of the Protocols Of Zion” is an implicit admission that it is, in fact, Jews like Adelson who are the true cause of anti-Semitism — that abrasive Jewish behavior indeed plays a part in how non-Jews perceive them, oftentimes for ill.

Among Jews, they often gripe about Jews who “give Jews a bad name” and put other Jews “at risk” — but when putting up a unified front for the goyim, no such stereotypical bad Jews exist — as if any negative ideas the goyim may have about Jews arise out of thin air — For No Reason Whatsoever™.

The British historian David Irving once ruffled some Jewish feathers when he dared to observe that the Jews who ended up in Auschwitz were there because they deserved to be there — the camp was for malcontents, political subversives, and those who posed a threat to the well-being German society.

And indeed Jews have gladly taken on that role in the West — in what used to be known as Christendom — as society’s “malcontents” — and now that those “malcontents” claim to control our “whole freaking country,” we would be foolish to expect mercy from these architects of the brutal Soviet gulag system.

Of course, Avnery makes sure to mock “mental” anti-Semites who believe Jews “control the cosmos” — Jews would most certainly like to — and would if they could, but they don’t — but they’ve certainly got their tentacles in our space programs.

But they do control as much of this material world as their enormous wealth — their “terrible power of the purse” — will buy — and they are experts at buying off our shabbat goyische leaders willing to betray their own people for the 30 pieces of silver while preaching the virtues of “democracy.”

But this is all laid out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion — and if Sheldon Adelson had ever bothered to read it, he would said to himself, “Imagine how rich I could be if I had read this when I was younger! Why don’t they teach this in yeshiva?”
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