At Least One Trafficking Victim Reserved the Right to Sue Jes Staley and Leon Black

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At Least One Trafficking Victim Reserved the Right to Sue Jes Staley and Leon Black

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At Least One Trafficking Victim Reserved the Right to Sue Jes Staley and Leon Black Upon Receiving Financial Restitution From the Epstein Compensation Fund
By Paul Serran Aug. 12, 2023
A long, deep and demonstrable association to the late ‘king of pedophiles’ has become like a bad stench that never goes away.

In the days when he held court like a Jay Gatsby from hell, an Epstein connection could facilitate business ventures, or show the way to tax relief – but also could mean that he set the rich and powerful with something else: sex-trafficked young girls – sometimes underage. ... et-giants/

Ever since his arrest in 2019 and his suspicious death in jail while awaiting trial for sex trafficking, the floodgates were opened by a myriad of lawsuits, mostly by his trafficking victims, with one of them being moved by the government of the US Virgin islands territory.

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Lately, a string of lawsuits in New York Federal Court has produced an astonishing amount of discovery, leading to part of it leaking to the press and generating an avalanche of reputational damage for a host of household names of the industry, finance, and entertainment.

The latest disclosure in this saga came from a May deposition from the already-pleaded out class action suit from Epstein Victims against JPMorgan Chase bank.

It involves a testimony by Richard Kahn, an executor of Epstein’s estate.

The New York Times reported:

“At least one longtime sexual abuse victim of Jeffrey Epstein who received a monetary settlement from his estate can also pursue separate claims against two powerful former Wall Street executives who had ties to the convicted sex offender, according to two people briefed on the matter.”

The victim’s settlement with Epstein state included a ‘carve out’ provision involving Leon Black, a billionaire private equity investor, and James E. Staley, a former top executive at JPMorgan Chase and Barclays.

It’s suggested that the arrangement could set a precedent and expose Black and Staley ‘to further scrutiny and liability’.

“’She was a victim, potentially, to these individuals’, Mr. Kahn said in the deposition, according to one of the people. Mr. Kahn said that Mr. Epstein’s estate agreed to the carve-out provision so that the unnamed woman could potentially sue for ‘harms that she incurred’.”

The NYT source said that Khan’s testimony states that ‘at least one other victim’ had reserved a similar exception from the estate, and other victims might have asked for the provision with regard to other men.

“In settling claims with victims, Mr. Epstein’s estate had sought to limit the potential for litigation against anyone with ties to Mr. Epstein. A settlement carve out provides a victim with a limited exception from such a broad release to pursue other litigation.”

This latest round of disclosures add to the recent woes of Wall Street giant Leon Black.

“Susan Estrich, a lawyer for Mr. Black, said the leak of Mr. Kahn’s deposition testimony ‘is baseless character assassination’ involving ‘anonymous women who have never brought a claim against Mr. Black’.”

Black is being sued in Federal Court by Epstein victims who accuse him of rape in Epstein’s mansion, and simultaneously investigated by the Senate over his financial links to Jeffrey Epstein.

As for Jes Staley, whose vast correspondence with Epstein revealed a deep friendship and raise questions regarding his awareness of the doings of the Epstein Trafficking ring.

In June, JPMorgan agreed to pay $290 million to settle the class-action lawsuit from the victims, but it continues to fight the suit by the Virgin Islands.

JPMorgan is also suing Mr. Staley in connection with that suit, claiming he could be liable for damages they suffer ... et-giants/
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