What does human meat taste like?

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What does human meat taste like?

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What does human meat taste like? Scientists reveal the unique flavour of our FLESH – as an influencer admits to eating part of her own knee in a spaghetti bolognese

Chicken, pork and beef are all popular meat options around the world - but there is one forbidden food that only a handful have dared to try.

And that is human meat. But while cannibalism is widely accepted to be very wrong, some have let curiosity get the better of them.

An influencer from Spain, 20-year-old Paula Gonu, recently admitted to cooking and eating part of her own knee in a spaghetti bolognese.

And she is far from alone, with one of the most famous instances of cannibalism being the German man who murdered and ate a voluntary victim in 2001.

But what does human flesh actually taste like? MailOnline takes a look at the accounts from those who have tried it.
Back in the 1920s, American adventurer William Buehler Seabrook set out to provide a detailed record of the societies that devour human flesh.

He even went so far as to taste it himself when he met with the Guero people in West Africa, and wrote of his experiences in his book 'Jungle Ways', published in 1931.

The explorer noted that the raw flesh looked like beef but less red and with pale yellow fat.

And, once cooked, it turned grey and smelled like beef.

As for the taste, he wrote: 'It was so nearly like good, fully developed veal that I think no person with a palate of ordinary, normal sensitiveness could distinguish it from veal.'

Seabrook's account is regarded as unreliable by many, because he later confessed Guero tribesmen refused to let him take part in their tradition.

He claimed he made up for the disappointment by obtaining a chunk of flesh from the body of a dead hospital patient in France and cooking it on a spit.

But experts regard his description as the most useful, because most commentaries on cannibalism come from the criminally insane and are often contradictory.
Lungs: 1,956 calories

Kidneys: 376 calories

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German cannibal Armin Meiwes insisted human flesh tastes like pork 'but a little bit more bitter, stronger', while Japanese cannibal Issei Sagawa described it as 'tender and soft' like tuna.

Sagawa, who murdered a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt in 1981, said it had 'melted in [his] mouth like raw tuna at a sushi restaurant.'

The survivors of the 1972 Andes plane crash were forced to eat their fellow passengers to survive - but insist in their accounts the frozen flesh was flavourless.

Survivor Nando Parrado recalled: 'When I ate my first piece, it had no taste. I forced myself to swallow - without guilt. I was eating to live.'

Just last year, Russian killer Vladimir Nikolayevich Nikolayev spoke out about how he ate human flesh for the first time in 1997.

He argued with a man stood near the door of his building, struck and killed him, and then dismembered his body.

It was only after taking off the man's head and limbs that he realised there was nothing stopping his curiosity to eat this man.

'All of a sudden something struck me and I thought I would try him,' Nikolayev told National Geographic.
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