Texas A&M Received Almost $500 Million From Terrorist-Supporting Qatar

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Texas A&M Received Almost $500 Million From Terrorist-Supporting Qatar

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Texas A&M Received Almost $500 Million From Terrorist-Supporting Qatar
When will American institutions stop accepting payouts from hostile foreign governments? According to a new report from Judicial Watch, Texas A&M University seemingly received almost $500 million in grants from the Qatar Foundation, a nonprofit led by the terrorist-supporting Qatari government.

Judicial Watch reported on May 3 based on documents it obtained through court litigation, on behalf of Zachor Legal Institute under the Texas Public Information Act. The documents revealed $485,811,921.33 in grants and contracts to Texas A&M from the Qatar Foundation, among multiple other Qatari entities. The Qatar Foundation was founded by and is still affiliated with the rulers of Qatar, whose government supports and harbors terrorists and radical Islamic extremists.

Judicial Watch said there are also apparent discrepancies regarding records of the Qatar Foundation donations. The Department of Education’s database shows over $47 million in total from Qatar to Texas A&M between Jan. 1, 2013, and May 22, 2018. In contrast, the university’s gift record only shows $69,844.41 for that time period.

The Federalist argued in a 2019 article entitiled “It’s Time To Officially Acknowledge That Qatar Is A State Sponsor of Terrorism.” In that piece, The Federalist explained:

Qatar boasts the world’s second-largest gross domestic product per capita. The wealthy oil emirate operates Qatar Airways, one of the world’s largest airlines. It hosts one of the world’s most influential state-sponsored news sources, Al Jazeera, and maintains significant influence in higher American education, donating more than $1.5 billion to some of America’s most well-known universities: the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, Northwestern, Texas A&M, and Cornell.

For all its “contributions,” however, Qatar also has a dark side. It openly supports and harbors terrorists to a disproportionate and unparalleled degree for its size. Qatar’s actions prompted President Trump to recognize Qatar’s terror funding as being “on [a] very high level.”

”The previously hidden records include a document titled ‘Qatar Grants and Contracts’ for January 1, 2013 – May 22, 2018,” Judicial Watch wrote, listing off grants from Qatari entities ranging from $121,643.84 (from Qatar Computing Research Institute) to $485,811,921.33 (from Qatar Foundation).

There’s also a second record, “Qatar Gifts,” that includes $69,844.41 from Qatar Foundation again. Other gifts include $1,536,230.88 from Maersk Oil Qatar.

“Now we know why terrorist-linked Qatar has fought us in court to hide its financial support for Texas A&M – which we just found out is nearly a half billion dollars,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated. Marc Greendorfer, president of Zachor Legal Institute, said, “Thanks to the determined and skillful work of Judicial Watch, the country now sees the extent to which foreign governments are interfering in American institutions.”

That interference needs to stop immediately to safeguard American sovereignty.
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