Media, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Big Tech Lay off Workers, Panic About 2008-Style Financial Collapse

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Media, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Big Tech Lay off Workers, Panic About 2008-Style Financial Collapse

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Media, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Big Tech Lay off Workers, Panic About 2008-Style Financial Collapse
Can Populists Take Advantage of the Globalists' Financial Problems?
by PATRICK HOWLEY January 21, 2023
Alphabet (parent company of Google) and fellow corporations Microsoft and Amazon and financial firms Goldman Sachs and Blackrock are joining media companies Vox Media and Buzzfeed in mass-purging employees with rounds of layoffs that are shaking the financial sector and rattling the ego of the Acela elite. How will some of these layoff victims adjust to their new lives as system-wide uncertainty finally shows up on the doorstep of the globalist establishment? How will impending financial chaos affect the globalist controllers and how will it affect the poor beaten-down Americans who have been kicked in the face for decades by the corporatist elites?
The financial sector is giving off “Total Meltdown” vibes. Goldman Sachs laid off about 3,200 people, comprising about 6.5 percent of its labor, in a round of layoffs that clearly unsettled the Wall Street “masters of the universe” (a term coined by Tom Wolfe). Blackrock, which has been engaged in buying up Americans’ houses, is laying off approximately 500 folks who have likely been doing a whole lot better than most unemployed Americans recently, but now might have to bootstrap for a while.

The globalist tech sector is getting hit hard. Google’s parent company Alphabet is slashing about 12,000 workers comprising approximately 6 percent of its worldwide workers. Daniel Roberts reported that “Google NYC employees who arrived at the office early this morning stood in a line to test their badges– if the light turned red, it meant you had been laid off. If green, you were safe.”

Amazon could be laying off up to 18,000 workers, according to its CEO Andy Jassy, with layoffs already underway in Seattle. Microsoft is laying off approximately 10,000 workers

The media is not immune to the world’s financial problems. Vox Media, owner of New York magazine, is cutting approximately 7 percent of its workforce. In December 2022, the progressive-pushing propaganda pabulum media company Buzzfeed laid off approximately 12 percent of its labor force, citing “challenging macroeconomic conditions.”

Did you know that famed anti-White Hollywood director Jordan Peele is married to Chelsea Peretti, the sister of Buzzfeed co-founder and CEO Jonah Peretti? The elites might be staying afloat, but the average aspiring listicle-writer is finding a much tougher road to achieving his or her or they/them’s dream of living in poverty in Brooklyn while serving a globalist corporation.

Some insiders believe that the globalists could be plotting to use a potential financial collapse to bring on the rise of a “digital dollar,” which has been an obvious priority of the globalists since they started pitching the “cashless society.” But could a digital dollar actually take over the system at this point, when the system is so irreparably broken?

Populists could gain some opportunities during a financial meltdown. If Americans learn that a financial collapse could result in a “bail-in” scenario, whereby the banks might recoup their losses by taking the people’s deposits (a move that was enabled by the Dodd-Frank Act, according to some experts) then Americans could make a mad run on the banks to get their money out, which would leave the banks reeling. And the parasites in the financial system are definitely worried about such a mad run happening on the banks, as evidenced by a recent meeting of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC) systemic resolution advisory committee (try saying that committee name five times fast).

The FDIC insures many people’s deposits in American banks but the FDIC only has a tiny fraction of the amount of money in reserve that it would need to bail out American deposits in a time of financial collapse, especially considering that about $9 trillion in deposits include about $3 trillion in uninsured money and the FDIC has considerably less than even $1 trillion in reserve.

The FDIC committee, which includes former Donald Trump White House official Gary Cohn, is freaking out about the possibility of a 2008-style financial collapse in which they would lose control of the narrative. Of course, the economy is built up on bubbles of debt, based on a fiat currency that gets printed at an astronomical rate by the Federal Reserve.

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